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APS Director Martin Frank (left) and President Peter Wagner (right) stand with Alice Ra’anan (second from right) and SUBR Director Faith Wolfe (second from left) after the award ceremony.
Faith Wolfe, Executive Director of States United for Biomedical Research (SUBR), presents APS Director of Government Relations and Science Policy, Alice Ra’anan, with the 2010 SUBR Distinguished Service Award.

Bill Britz - 2011 PSBR Annual Dinner Speaker click HERE for more details

PSBR honors students and leaders at the 2011 Annual Dinner (L to R: Norman Wilkinson, Paula Clifford & John Ellis)

Right to left: Dr. Paula Johnson, SUBR President-elect, Casey A. (2nd place), Jasmine S.R. (1st place), Christopher D. (2nd place) and Daniel K. (3rd place
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Welcome to SUBR

A consortium of state and regional organizations dedicated to promoting a caring community through communication and collaboration.


This month's featured program is "What A Year", sponsored by the Massachusetts Society for Medical Research. Every month of the school year What A Year! presents a story about new breakthrough research in the life sciences. It is designed for engaged middle school students and high school students interested in biology.
Featured Program




Cool Science is Happening Now 

Why don't bears' bones get brittle when they hibernate? Could there be a vaccine to prevent tooth decay? Will a "tattoo" replace finger stick blood draws for people with diabetes? What's the relation between depression and addiction? Can narcolepsy be controlled or cured? What goes on in your brain during puberty? These and lots of other questions get asked and answered in What A Year! stories.

We want to show that research is continuous in every imaginable facet of the life sciences. We also want students to understand the incremental and collaborative nature of biomedical research, and the fact that people with all kinds of backgrounds and interests are doing crucial research around the country.

What A Year! is completely free, and each story is accompanied by a Student Worksheet or a To Go Deeper sheet. You can check out What A Year! at

The What A Year! stories are also being added to the APS Archive of Teaching Resources- where thousands of peer-reviewed materials from kindergarten to graduate school level are available at no charge.

Subscribe to the monthly What A Year! reminder or click on the site each month to see what new territory we're talking about now.


SUBR will feature a state-based program of interest to the entire community each month.
We hope you will stay tuned.