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Welcome to SUBR

A consortium of state and regional organizations dedicated to promoting a caring community through communication and collaboration.


SUBR Partners with Homes For Animal Heroes

The research community has been rehoming research animals for more than 40 years. Some animal rights groups have made it unsafe for our community to continue this loving practice. Our network will allow us to continue to find the right homes for our heroes, safely and reliably.

OUR MISSION We work with the research community to foster, train and place research animals in permanent, loving homes.

OUR WHY Animal-based research is still critical for saving and improving human and animal lives, and the truth is that dogs, and other animals, are still a necessary part of this process. They help us understand and treat a variety of cancers, along with numerous cardiovascular, metabolic, joint, skeletal, muscular, neurologic, and even cognitive disorders. Researchers continue to explore and develop non-animal alternatives to meet our demands for cures, and we support this quest wholeheartedly! In the meantime, animals are still required for biomedical progress and we are grateful for the improved health and well-being that we and our pets continue to enjoy as a result of their contributions. These dogs are heroes to countless people and animals. We, literally, owe them our lives. Many of them need homes when their work is done.

OUR ASK Will you help us find them the loving homes they deserve? Show your gratitude. Share your love. Support a Hero!

SUBR will feature a state-based program of interest to the entire community each month.
We hope you will stay tuned.