For Educators

We are here to help educators at all levels - Kindergarten to High School to University. Besides hundreds of free and low-cost classroom products and resources, We have many programs and services available to educators. If a program or service is not listed for your state, please check out your state link on our National Network page to go to your local organization for further information or contact us on our contact us page for more information.

Member Associations

Northwest Association for Biomedical Research- NWABR

California Biomedical Research Association- CBRA

Southwest Association for Education in Biomedical Research- SWAEBR

Texas Society for Biomedical Research- TSBR

Mid-Continent Association for Agriculture, Biomedical Research and Education- MAABRE

Michigan Society for Medical Research- MISMR

Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research- PSBR

Massachusetts Society for Medical Research- MSMR

Connecticut- CURE

NJ Association for Biomedical Research- NJABR

The Ohio Scientific Education and Research Association- OSERA

North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research- NCABR