Science Fairs

We are involved in local and regional science fairs as well as the annual Intel International Science & Engineering Fair. See below for a list of science fair resources.

International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF)

SUBR participates in the Intel ISEF program by offering Special Awards for Excellence in Biomedical Research for the top biomedical projects that best demonstrate the goal of advancing human and/or veterinary medicine. Science Service & the Public , in partnership with the Intel Foundation, announces awards at the Intel ISEF Special Awards Ceremony each May. Student winners are ninth through twelfth graders who earned the right to compete by winning top prize at a local, regional, state or national science fair.

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Local, Regional and State Science Fairs


The American Physiological Society (APS)

APS members can now make an APS award at their local or regional science fair at the elementary, middle, or high school level. Student winners receive an APS t-shirt and a certificate for the best physiology project. The teachers of the winning students will receive the APS book, Women Life Scientists: Past, Present, and Future and a resource packet.

A limited number of awards will be available each year on a first come, first served basis. Applications must be submitted no fewer than 6 weeks prior to the Science Fair date. The award materials, as well as copies of the APS careers in physiology brochure for the fair participants, will be mailed to the APS member.

The program is an outreach activity of the APS Careers Committee with support provided by the APS Council. The goal is to encourage APS members to participate in their local and regional fairs. The program will provide opportunities for students from elementary through high school to learn what physiology is and to become "associated with the field" through recognition of their work. The program also builds connections between APS members and their local schools. Finally, it encourages local fairs to promote physiology-based projects to their students since there are potential awards to be won.

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California Society for Biomedical Research (CSBR)

CSBR presents an award at all ISEF-affiliated science fairs in California and Nevada that recognizes students who use IACUC protocols when developing and implementing a science fair project using animals.

Southwest Association for Education in Biomedical Research (SwAEBR)

SwAEBR presents awards at multiple science fairs in Arizona and New Mexico. They have many helpful tips and links for students seeking to develop their projects.

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Science Fair Resources


Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects.
Basic ideas for science fair projects.

All Science Fair Projects.
Projects, instructions, kits, ideas, astronomy to zoology.

A Science Fair Project Resource Guide.
How to; samples; ideas & magazines, resources from the Internet Public Library.

Cyber - Fair.
For students and teachers grades 3 through 6.

Elmer's Science Fair Central.
For students and teachers grades 3 through 6.

Excite Search Engine.
Education K-12: Home Work Help: Science; Education: Universities & Colleges: Fields of Study Science and Nature; plus listings of science fairs.

Fun Science Gallery.
How to Find Ideas for Science Fairs, Searching, Presentation.

Internet4Classrooms Science Fair Projects.
Links K-12, Teachers, online practice modules, anatomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics.

NASA Headquarters Library: Science Fair Projects.
Astronomy & rocket science, stellar science projects, bibliography.

Resources for Science Learning.
Ideas, tips, sample projects from the Franklin Institute.

Science Buddies: Science Fair Project Resources.
Free science fair project ideas, answers, and tools for serious students.

Science Fairs - WWW Virtual Library.
A single comprehensive listing of every known science fair accessible through the world wide web, local or global. Physical Science Fairs listed by National/International; State; Regional & Local. Also Virtual Science Fairs.

Science Fairs Home Page.
The Eastern Newfoundland Science Fairs Council homepage is designed to aid students in getting ideas for a science fair project.

Science Fair Links.
London District Science and Technology Fair. Links to science fairs in Canada and the UK. Links to help with projects and other science education items.

The Science Fair Page.
By the Houston Public Library and School District. Information on science fairs.

Science Fair Projects.
From the Baltimore County Public Library: Preparation, Sources, Ideas.

Science Fair Projects & Experiments.
Topics, Ideas, Resources, Sample Projects for Elementary, Middle & High School Students.

Science Fair Projects: An Excellent Resource Page.
Videos, Links, List of Science Fairs on the Web, Projects.

Science Fair Projects, A Resource for Students & Teachers.
University of Medicine & Dentistry, New Jersey, University Libraries: Resource Guide, Yahoo List, Reference Services.

Science Fair Theme Page.
Introductory Level Guide, Links to Internet Sites, Ideas, Resources, Guidelines, Intermediate Level Guide.

Science Reference Services, Library of Congress.
Science Fair Projects, Elementary to High School Level, Guidance, Planning, Developing, Implementing.

Science Reference Services: Selected Internet Resources - Science Fair Projects.
From the Library of Congress: Selected Internet Resources for Science Fairs.

Super Science Fair Projects, Ideas, Topics & Experiments.
Step by step Guide, Experiments & Ideas for K - College.

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource.
Site index of hints, ideas, links, doing a project, writing reports, etc.

Yahoo Search Engine Science Fair Projects & Ideas
Web Directory Site Listing K-12, Projects to Download, .


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